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Hello, all!

First off, I'm really grateful to every person who made kind comments on Precious Metal's 4th issue. The story is starting to come together behind the scenes, and I'm really excited for the next issue! However, I have not written it yet, which will slow down production of new pages. OTL

Second of all, I'm moving to Idaho for college which, while very exciting for me, will slow production of issue 5 even further. The end result of all this is that, despite my evil cliffhanger, I will not be able to update Precious Metal for a good while here.

HOWEVER, I have a plan.
Phase one of this plan involves filling in a few gaps--adding a PM cast page, etc. Phase TWO is to work on an entirely different comic.

If any of you were around a year and a half ago, you may remember that my brother and I collaborated to make a pretty cool (if I do say so myself) little comic. Well, now he has written a full-fledged first issue of what we have lovingly titled "Brainstorm." (The prologue-type issue is on sale at the kindle store currently and may show up on gumroad. *corny thumbs up*)
Since that script is done and has been sitting around for months and I already have a few pages finished, I can update that while I adjust. You will still get comics, and by the time Brainstorm issue 1 is finished, PM issue 5 should be rarin' to go. It's a win-win.

So to sum up:
College, Precious Metal=in progress, expect new pages of Brainstorm for now.

Wish me luck!

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