On this project, so much of it is just off-the-cuff, I'm often really surprised by the things that come out. There are people who appear, almost fully-formed, like Brother Aldous in Issue 1. And then there are people who intrigue me just because I'd like to draw them again, like the Guard Captain in Issue 2 (he's got a mustache and a NOSE).

So, things I'd like to have recur in future, whether frequently or infrequently:
~Brother Aldous. In my head, he's got a whole back-story, for crying out loud. You can't waste that sort of thing!
~Captain. Too much awesome design to not draw him again. I may regulate the costuming more later, but his face is so epic. Giant nose, weird mustache, large mouth. Fun.
~The horse. When I drew him as a sketch he took on so much personality--slightly Clydesdale, slightly old, but kinda hard core. And fun to draw.
~Statue Lady. This may not count as an actual character, per se, but I think that if she's a religious icon know, whatever...she's probably going to keep on showing up. Religion is important to people and it's complex. If this is really a thing in their world, it should show up--whether in the background or foreground--more than once.

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R. Shane (Guest), January 8th, 2012, 10:30 am

cool stuff so far! This is cool!

The Statue Lady sounds like a good plot point. You can call it "Lady Luck"... They could worship luck like a deity. :D

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